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"What’s your favorite color?"

"Radical Carrot."


Me: Who's a good boy?
Dog: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Dog: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Get Sick In America

Many believe that the US healthcare system is the best in the world. Not so according to the World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s health systems. The US doesn’t even rank in the top 25. It ranks 37th and is the most expensive in the world. I would argue that even if we had the best healthcare system in the world, what good is it, if no one can afford to access it.

Most companies are buying 60/40-policys for their employees these days, but even if you are lucky enough to have good insurance with 80/20-policy coverage, that 20 percent your responsible for can drive you right into bankruptcy as easily as the 60-40 policy given the cost of healthcare.

Insurance cost have been going up dramatically in the last two decades, long before the new Affordable Healthcare Act has taken affect, in some cases as much as 35% per year.

But have you noticed the latest trick the insurance companies have roll out?

Yes, Higher Deductible… most averaging $5,000 per year, per person, but I have seen some as high as $10,000 per year. For those of you that are wondering, this tactic is specifically designed too stop you from using your insurance. It reduces the insurance companies out of pocket liability by shift costs onto consumers, especially those dealing with chronic illness such as diabetes and arthritis. Consequently, because consumers can’t afford the deductible they will avoid necessary care to save money.

Although insurance companies are a problem, the real crocks is the healthcare system it self. A corrupt and bloated system desperately in need of reform!

This is absolutely ridiculous.

I live in New Zealand. My mum had a heart attack when I was 13, she was in hospital for at least 3 months and our government pays for most of our bills so I think my parents only had to pay around about $500 - 1k. With the option to pay it over a period of time.

Like????? Does the America government even give the slightest fuck about the people that live in their country???? Honestly.

No. They don’t.


Scott Move


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The Corpse Flower, though in the process of closing, is still GORGEOUS and people are flocking in to see it. SO COOL.


一人では食べきれない究極のデカ盛り丼「おとんありがとん丼」を食べてきた x

entei-attheroadhouse wondered: Hello, your page is amazing and I'm grateful you have posted so much information. I started studying Paganism a little over a year ago and still hope there is much more to learn. One thing I am curious about is the fact that many experienced Wiccans say 'you cannot be a real Wiccan until you join a coven'. Do you also believe this? As someone with social anxiety and living in an isolated part of south London, I don't think it'll be possible for me to dive straight into meeting other Wiccans.


Awww, thank you. I’m glad that my posts have helped you. Also, I’ve been studying for about…oh gosh 14 years now and I can promise you there is always more to learn and understand. I hope you like your journey.

Now, getting to your question. I’m going to have to get to a little bit of history and am going to trigger some folks, particuarly those that consider themselve Gardenarian Wiccans. I apologize now for that.

So, Wicca was popularized by the work of Gerald Gardner who is often referred to as the Father of Modern Witchcraft and other similar titles. When the ban on publishing books on religions other that Christianity was lifted in Great Britain he was one of the first to publish about Wicca, a religion he claimed was practiced in secret for many many years. This publishing formed Gardenarian Wicca and popularized the New Forest Coven (the coven that initiated him) and the Bricket Wood Coven (the coven he later created)

According to his branch of Wicca one must be part of a Coven in order to be considered Wiccan. That one can only learn so much from books and that initiation into the mysteries is the only way to be closer to the Goddess. It also states that the only real form on Initiation must be traced through Gardner himself.

While I respect and appreciate Gardner for what he gave to modern witchcraft…I am not okay with the idea that Gardnerian’s are the only form of Wicca. This is like saying that Catholicism is the only form of Christianity. While some believe it…that doesn’t make it true; and trying to force people to follow that singular path is…cruel.

End of my particular rant…..sort of.

No, I do not feel you have to be initiated into a Coven in order to be a ‘real Wiccan’. One man does not get to tell you what Real Wiccans are. He was initiated, like a thousand others before him. He was initiated by one Coven…not the only coven.

What makes you Wiccan:

  • Devoting yourself to the God and the Goddess
  • Following the Rede
  • Adhering to the Three-fold Law

These are the rules that separate Wiccans from other branches of modern Paganism. If you follow this then you are Wiccan. If you initiate yourself into The Craft you are an Initiated Wiccan. If you Dedicate yourself to the God and Goddess you are a Dedicated Wiccan.


White Man from San Diego Waves Gun Around Small Children In Confrontation With Police and Is Taken Into Custody Alive.  

This white man walked towards the police with a gun pointed at them and they spend half an hour talking to him before they shoot him one time. If he had been a black man, they would’ve shot him dead. Before you police apologists claim this man has a history of mental illness (he does) that’s why the police was lenient,  Ezell Ford, a mentally ill black man, was recently killed by the LAPD. 






This drives me mad. I used to work in a bookstore, and was talking to my coworker and he just yelled out “stop flirting with me!” at this ridiculous volume and it was humiliating because 
1. I wasn’t
2. I got in trouble for acting unprofessional 
3. He embarrassed me in front of a line of people
4. And he only stopped insisting that I was flirting when my boyfriend (who is now my husband) said, “dude, trust me, she’s not flirting with you” to him

That asshole respected my BOYFRIEND saying I wasn’t flirting more than he respected me saying it and I was the one who was talking! The whole scene got me in trouble at work. And the most ridiculous part is we were talking about a fucking book. In a bookstore.

One time, my ex boyfriend had a crush on some girl, and said that he thought he might have “a chance” with her.

When I asked him what made him think that, he said “Well, she talks to me.”

And this is why it is so difficult to be a girl and be friends with men who are attracted to women.

Can we also add that this is why a lot of women do the resting bitch face when out in public. Cause dudes swear a glance or a smile is flirting.

So yesterday something that perfectly illustrates this happened. I work at a fast food place and this guy comes in at 7am on a Sunday, still probably drunk from the night before, and when I smiled and said goodmorning he said “Did you just say that because you’re being paid to say that?” 

I repressed my urge to sarcastically answer, and said “Nope, I just enjoy saying hi to everyone!” To which he responded, “Oh, so you weren’t flirting with me then.”

Dude, I’m not flirting with your gross 7am-on-a-Sunday-ass, trust me.

My defense mechanism when I’m uncomfortable at work is to smile, so I did that and said “Is there anything I can get you this morning?” to which he responded,

"There, you just smiled! What does that mean?"

At this point I was fed up, so I said, 

"I smile at everyone sir, its just what I do. What can I get you, coffee, a bagel?"

And he said “I’m gonna be watching to see if you smile at everyone. I don’t like it when girls lie to me” and then ordered a coffee and a muffin like he hadn’t just said something at 11 on the “Is this guy a serial rapist” scale (where 0 is ‘no’ and 10 is ‘Yes, run away as fast as you can right now.”).

Then he sat there for another hour and a half, staring at me from his table. When he got up and left he came back to the counter, and said “You do smile at everyone. That’s fucked up.” and walked out.

I can’t even be innocuously polite and pleasant to people at my job (where customer service is the number one thing we are supposed to be focusing on) for fear of this shit happening. What happens if he had decided to wait until my shift was over? 

New Rule: If she’s at work, SHE’S NOT FLIRTING WITH YOU.


ズサー (via 母の落着き : 水族館と動物園と時々景色)



just in case some people try to say they don’t trust this source: here’s usa today, the original one, and if you take a look at that you can find the professor responsible for these quotes. he teaches at the university of stirling and he has a doctorate degree in medieval history. hella